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31st Century Fox
Biographical Information
Species Fox
Gender Male
Home Space Station Meer

Secret Island

Affiliation General Viggo
Hold it right there bud! I'm a copyright lawyer from 31st century films and this creature violates at least seven of our copyrights!

–31st Century Fox, Fur Fighters

31st Century Fox is the shared name of twin brothers who work for 31st Century Films. The first brother can be found after the Alien appears in Space Station Meer. He will send the Alien away due to a copyright notice before battling the Fur Fighters after they attempt to dispute the claim.

He (or his twin brother in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge) will battle you in Secret Island, in Viggo's Vault. Still interested in talking to you about a copyright claim, he holds onto Cage Key 2 which is needed to deactivate a Hydrogen bomb. Also, his defeat triggers the third battle.


31st is essentially a larger version of the standard Fox enemy. He has a significantly higher amount of HP, however, which can drain your ammo severely. He will run and fire erratically at whatever Fur Fighter is standing in his way with two Pistols.

Like a Fox enemy, he will stall briefly when hit, meaning a Plasma Beamer or Taser can make quick work of this mini boss. He will be pushed backwards with every hit taken, so it is advised to lure him into the center of the area before striking him with constant hits (his twin brother can be trapped against a cage door if shot at the right angle). When defeated, he will drop a Pistol.

His twin brother is identical, even in battle techniques.


  • If you are shooting the first 31st Century Fox with a fast weapon (namely Heavy Machine Gun or Plasma Beamer) and shoot him into a wall, he will slowly slide up the wall and can sometimes be stuck in the ceiling until he falls down.
  • His name is a reference to the film company 20th Century Fox.
  • The first 31st Century Fox will respawn each time you re-enter the map, but only behind the door where he originally appeared from.