Vital Statistics
Species Dog
Gender Female
Location Compound Factions
Agnes is one of Roofus' daughters, found in Compound Factions.

How to RescueEdit

Near the area containing the Beaver looking for his Set Square there is an area leading to a construction area. Agnes is trapped within a block of cement, and will need a Fur Fighter to use the bulldozer to break it open.


  • After you rescue her and return to the level, the cement block will be back. When you approach the block, you will hear her still barking. Breaking it open again reveals nothing more than the standard can of Pet Yums.
  • When interacting with the cement block in the original versions of the game, her voice is a beaver's voice instead of a puppy's voice. This is due to an early idea, in which you would rescue a beaver from this area instead, who would give you a Builder's Hat for saving him.
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