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The Alien is a character who appears briefly in Space Station Meer.

He jumps down from the ceiling and the game announces him as Some Sort of Mutant Alien Type of Thing, though before he can battle you, 31st Century Fox enters and informs the Fur Fighters that he is breaking at least 7 copyrights. As the Alien walks away disappointedly, the Fur Fighters dispute this (all except Tweek, who is unable to give a thorough reply), which ultimately leads to a battle against 31st Century Fox.


  • The Alien is a parody of the Xenomorphs.
  • In the original, all Fur Fighters barring Tweek will dispute the copyright claim with the phrase "I refute that accusation. This creature differs from any copyright you may hold in several key areas." In Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge, Bungalow will instead remark "I no speak-a your language. Do you speak-a the English?" indicating that he fails to understand the lawyer's words and implying that it was a mistake that Bungalow understands him in the original.
    • This is interesting to note, as Tweek would respond as he normally would, and Juliette's line is slightly changed to accommodate her accent ("that" is changed to "zat").