Vital Statistics
Species Cat
Gender Male
Location The Rumpus Room
Allain is one of Juliette's sons, found in The Rumpus Room. He is on a ledge opposite the Washmeister washing machines.

How to RescueEdit

Before you start, shoot the buttons on the Washmeisters. Now jump up to the first wooden shelf and switch to Roofus. Use the Digging Hole to burrow through to another area. Continue burrowing through the areas until you come back to the initial room on the shelf above. Switch to Juliette via the Telepoint, and leap down to the shelf below. The Washmeisters should now form a pathway over to Allain.


  • You can fight two out of three Chameleons without having to burrow to reach them. This can save a lot of health and ammo, since you have to go through Armadillos that respawn indefinitely. 
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