Ammo are collectibles used to replenish the ammunition of the various weapons the Fur Fighters use. Ammo comes in many different sizes, shapes, and types corresponding to their respective weapons as well as replenishing different amounts. All weapons (except the Close Attack) require the use ammo. Ammo can respawn in any major boss fight as long as the boss is present. It will also respawn indefinitely in any Fluffmatch.

Ammo SizesEdit


Example of Single and Bulk Ammo for the Bomb Launcher

Though each kind of ammo refills a weapon with different amounts of shots, ammunition comes in two different sizes: single and bulk. Single ammunition refills some amounts of a weapon while bulk fills a large amount. Both single and bulk have different appearances within their respected weapon slots.

When finding ammo, it is good to remember where these locations are as they will always be in that same area. Knowing where each type of ammo is located, as well as knowing whether they're of the bulk or single variety, can help plan the use of each weapon.

Ammo TypesEdit

Due to the amount of weapons the player collects, there are also a number of different ammo types. These ammo types can refill the amount of ammunition for more than one weapon if they reside within the same slot. Knowing the appearance of each ammo type can help determine which weapon takes priority when refilling. These different ammo types consist of:


  • There exists a cheat that replenishes all of a weapon's ammo, regardless of collecting single or bulk.


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