Anatat Tatanatat (also known as The City of Fear) is the fifth hubworld the player will explore. The area is located in a mysterious ancient city hidden deep within a jungle environment, inhabited by Beetles. The last Dancing Mini Game can also be found here, though it is not the last you will see of Sergeant Sternhauser himself. To enter this area, you must obtain the Bull Whip and Fedora.


Realizing by this point that the Fur Fighters have depleted his forces to a miniscule amount, General Viggo travels to Anatat Tatanatat to envoke a ritual, to summon the doorway to a place where all bad bears go and create an army of the undead. He is able to accomplish this by using Roofus' wife, Winnie and her child.


Anatat Tatanatat is a large jungle, with a variety of foliage surrounding you at every turn. Near the entrance is a large river with a fast running current, with only a broken tree available to guide you across. A beach can also be seen after crossing, though you are unable to swim too far out. A large podium stands in the center, used for ancient rituals.

The jungle is considered cursed, presumably thanks to the ancient city inside. Many ancient temples and buildings can be found, all seemingly abandoned for the most part with signs of erosion and heavy damage.

It is always raining in Anatat Tatanatat.





Fluffmatches associated with this hubEdit


  • This is the only hubworld in which you need two key items to enter.
  • In the opening cutscene to this area, there is a conversation going on between a Blue Bear and a Polar Bear. The Blue Bear asks as to why he is wearing an "impractical green rubber leotard in jungle conditions." The Polar Bear answers that the big boss says it's good for "mar-ke-ting." This is a reference to Lara Croft of Tomb Raider fame, specifically how her outfit was more for her figure than practicality.
  • The need for the Bull Whip and Fedora to enter the ancient city are references to Indiana Jones, specifically his trademark whip and hat.
  • An early name for the level was Angkhor. This can still be seen in some of the game files.
  • This is the only hubworld that has it's name written differently on the board. It is labelled as City of Fear.
  • If you wait outside Fur Fighter Village, you will see a strange explosion take place somewhere in the jungle. This never happens whilst you're in Anatat itself.


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