Asteroid Defence is a mini game located in Space Station Meer.

After a meerkat tells you that 'nothing exciting ever happens around here', the minute you attempt to follow him out of the door, an alarm will signal and the screen will turn red. You will have 20 seconds to open the red door and start the mini game, else the impending asteroids will fluff you.


You will need to fire at the approaching asteroids as quickly as possible. Larger asteroids will explode into three smaller asteroids when hit. If you let even one pass by, the mini game will be counted as a loss. You fire three lasers at a time, and can hold down the fire button to use a continuous firing range.

Should you fail to complete the mini game, the Space Station will explode and you will see a Polar Bear floating in space.


  • You cannot rescue any Babies from the level unless you complete this mini game.
  • Completing the mini game on Viggo on Glass earns you an achievement, Roid Rage.


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