Auto Shotgun
Weapon Info
Power 2
Ammo Shells
First found Furry Forest
Tier Above N/A
Tier Below Shotgun

The Auto Shotgun is an upgrade from the normal Shotgun. It has a higher rate of fire, which means that ammo depletes a lot faster. It is also stronger than the normal Shotgun slightly, though uses 2 less pellets when firing. The Auto Shotgun also has a wider spread of fire than the Shotgun.

It is one of only two gun types capable of performing a Headshot.


The Shotgun and the Auto Shotgun carry the same color scheme of silver and light brown, silver being on the barrel and the magazine on the gun, and light brown being on the fore-end, receiver, and on the handle. On the Barrel of the gun contains five square holes for the gun's heat to escape and prevent the gun from overheating. It is more compact than the regular Shotgun.


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