Shivering babies

The Babies are children of the Fur Fighters. They have been kidnapped by General Viggo and scattered all over the world. They are one of the most important objectives in the game, and you will need to rescue a certain number of them to get into a boss level.

Babies usually let out a cry to tell the player that you're near them. In order to rescue them you just walk right up to the baby and the Fur Fighter you're playing as will give the baby a jetpack to fly home, though only the correct Fur Fighter will be able to rescue their own (ie. Only Roofus can save a puppy, only Tweek can save a dragon).

Sometimes you have to solve a puzzle in order to rescue one.

If one were to return to the location of a rescued baby after leaving the current level, it will have a small can of Pet Yums in its place.


Despite the babies being of both male and female genders, complete with appropriate individual names, each group of babies have an identical appearance that pertains to the parent that needs to rescue them.


Roofus' children wear a pair of yellow overalls and a white shirt. They also sport a yellow baseball cap turned backwards. 


Juliette's children wear a green shirt and have large, magenta colored eyes. They are also the only babies that have "separated" eyes.


Bungalow's children wear a pink/magenta/purple outfit with a yellow ring in the center.


Chang's children wear what appears to be a blue outfit with a yellow belt.


Rico's children wear a full body (save for feet) magenta/pink hoodie with the hood pulled up. The hoodie has visible buttons.


Tweek's siblings do not wear any clothes, however they can be identified from their blue color and large yellow ears.


For a full list of all babies in the game, please click here.


  • The voices of the babies are their parents (or in the dragon babies case, sibling) cries in a higher pitch.