Bears are the main enemies of the world of Fur Fighters and are present in every level except Fur Fighter Village and Viggo A Gogo. The Bears were hired by General Viggo to eliminate the Fur Fighters and capture their families and were sent around the world to stop the Fur Fighters from succeeding.

There are four different types of Bears to encounter. Blue Bears which hold a Pistol, Brown Bears which hold a Shotgun, Polar Bears which hold Submachine Guns and Panda Bears (Viggo's Revenge only) which hold Grenades. They will notice and start attacking you when you get near them, but like all enemies in the game, if they shoot a comrade too many times they will turn on one another and leave the Fur Fighter to his or her own business.

They are also the only enemies in which the Fur Fighters can perform a headshot with using either a Shotgun or Auto Shotgun.



Leader Confusion

The Bears seem to be dim-witted, unable to tell the difference between a cat and a bear for instance.

In the Quackenheim Museum a small part of the level called Bear Art shows the Bears' drawing skills, but they only seem to be good at drawing stick figures. They also seem to have a very bad vocabulary, using very little words in most of their sentences and their spelling is frequently incorrect (e.g., Bear 'Fud'). They are also the only enemies who fall for the Bear Disguise.

Sometimes, possibly due to a bug, the player will encounter bears that are exceptionally stupid, constantly noticing and forgetting about the player (See video). This can be seen when a bear constantly makes the sounds when initially seeing the player and continually makes short steps. These bears rarely manage to attack the player.

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  • Sometimes when a bear plays the rolling animation after getting shot, they will continue sliding in the direction they were rolling even when they're standing still. Shooting them will make them stop.
  • In Viggo's Revenge, if a bear were to die from fall damage from running off the cliff due to low health, they will not play the animation of them falling over. Instead, you will see them still standing, but not moving.


Fur Fighters - Exceptionally Stupid Bear

Fur Fighters - Exceptionally Stupid Bear

Example of "exceptionally" stupid bear