Beaver Power is the second Hubworld the player will enter. After obtaining an Entry Permit from General Bristol once Tweek rescues his mother in New Quack City, the player will be able to enter.

As the name suggests, it is home to the Beavers, who work on various construction sites in the forest. The forest itself is filled with various forms of wildlife, such as Quails and Deers. A poster in World Quack Centre reads 'Visit the most beautiful forests in the world... Before we bury them under concrete'.


News spreads that Viggo Industries has acquired the ownership of the Beaver Power Electric Company, much to the chagrin of the worker beavers. Upon arriving at the Beaver Dam, General Viggo informs that his reason for taking charge of the project is the need for the dam's power. He needs it so much so, that he is willing to commit his own resources to the project, which consist of providing "motivation" to the worker beavers, via his army of stupid bears. He also informs the workers that they will also be working with the Fur Fighter babies. This raises the concern of the beavers immensely, fearing the Fur Fighters will act towards them with hostility looking for their children. Viggo assures them that his bears will take care of the problem and if they don't, a "mutual friend" of his will.


Beaver Power is a fairly straightforward hub mostly comprised of forestry. To your immediate right, a Chang Telepoint can be found. After a word with General Bristol, Moving forward, the entrance to Compound Factions can be seen on your right. Turning left, a little opening will allow you to either interact with Sergeant Sternhauser or enter Furry Forest if you're playing on Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge. Continuing straight forward will soon lead you to a machine which grants you access to God Machine Valley. Turning right just before that leads you out of the forest and to a small building where Beaver Dam is located. Just past this is the Queen of the Beavers ship, surrounded by a lake of water. There is an elevator just past here, which will take you up to Saving Juanita, or you can follow the path back to the entrance.





Ammo Dreamcast PC/iOS PS2
Bullets 96 96 96
Shells 20 20 20
Grenades 12 12 4
Rockets 5 5 8
Energy 200 200 200

Fluffmatches associated with this HubEdit


  • With the exception of Fur Fighter Village, Beaver Power is the only hubworld with only one Fluffmatch, Dam Fluffers.
  • There is a river that leads away from the Dam. However, you are stopped abruptly when you try to swim through, though the pathway seems to continue.
  • There is an unused model of the Cow for this world.


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