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That's no way to treat a beaver!

–Beavers, Beaver Power

Beavers are the main residents of Beaver Power.

They are incredibly skilled workers who keep the Beaver Dam secure, and are also extremely cautious over health and safety. Fur Fighters or not, they will often require some sort of pass in order to get further. They are always grateful when helped, however, and will always repay the favor in any way they can.

The Beavers were very apprehensive of General Viggo's takeover in particular, though also accepted it, albeit with concerns once again over the safety of the ongoing projects throughout Beaver Power.

Notable Beavers[]


  • In the original version of the game when General Viggo shows the beavers the Fur Fighter Babies, they are frightened that the Fur Fighters will kill them for harboring them. In Viggo's Revenge, they are concerned that the Fur Fighters will tear the place apart looking for them.
  • A beaver also appears in the Fluffmatch Fluffraiser. He seems worried about something, and you can't interact with him. He is perhaps notable as being the only NPC to be present in any of the Fluffmatches.
  • In the Fur Fighter's Manual it states that the Beaver's don't seem too good at managing a checkbook.
  • There is also a beaver aboard The V-100. It's unknown how he ended up onboard.