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This article is about the items. You may be looking for the NPC.
Level Jungle of Despair
Found Varies
Used for The Witch Doctor Beetle's cauldron

Beetles are items that are found in the Jungle of Despair. You need all three of them to give them the Witch Doctor Beetle to (eventually) reclaim a firefox cub.

He will only ask for the Beetles once you have found and given the Fragrant Orchid and the Ancient Skull to him. Although he only asks for one, you will need to give him all three to save Ling.

How to obtain[]

  • The gold beetle is found in a massive treehouse near the jungle village.
  • The long green beetle is found in the pit below the bridge.
  • The red and blue beetle is found within the Hydrogen Bomb located near the beginning of the level. The player must defuse the bomb to obtain it. This will only happen once the Worshipper Beetles appear, which happens only once the other two Beetles have been found and given to the Witch Doctor.