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RomyPlays RomyPlays 21 March 2021

Brand new Viggo's Revenge prototype discovered

Hidden Palace recently found prototypes of various PS2 games, including Fur Fighters. Here's the source, for anyone looking for it: https://hiddenpalace.org/Project_Deluge_-_Sony_PlayStation_2_(List)

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RomyPlays RomyPlays 7 April 2019

So, I managed to get the PC version running on modern hardware

As you may know, Fur Fighters PC tends to be unplayable on modern hardware. This blogpost is pretty much a tutorial on how to make it run on a modern PC. Also, this was tested on the demo, since I do not have the disk. Once I manage to buy the game I will update this blogpost.

You will need:

- The game disk or the demo.

- An Nvidia graphics card (I tested on another PC with an AMD graphics card, and I ran into a lot of graphical glitches, so I highly reccomend an Nvidia one, since the game itself has Nvidia support).

- Nvidia inspector.

First, open the Nvidia Inspector, and select Fur Fighters in the profiles.

Then you must set the framerate limiter to somewhere between 30 and 40 fps.

Then launch the game on Windows XP compatibilty mode.

After tha…

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RomyPlays RomyPlays 4 September 2018

The Mighty Flea's "climbing animation"

So I got back to the PS2 version, and I decided to do the "2 players in Single Player" glitch with The Mighty Flea, and I noticed something interesting. If you try to climb a ladder with him, you will see that he has no climbing animation whatsoever, and he will use his "standing" animation instead. Also, in this glitch, I noticed that the ocean has some missing textures in Viggo-A-Gogo, and you can see that the V-100 and the Secret Island are hidden under the ocean, and since the texture is missing, you can actually see them. Anyway, here's a screenshot of the Flea climbing.

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 20 December 2017

Total Fur Fighters is back!

If you've subscribed to me on Youtube, you'll already know that TFF is finally back!


And mobile viewers, don't worry - in January, we'll have a much better layout for you.

Thanks for sticking around!

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 31 August 2017

Sorry for my absence

Just wanted to post this, so people know what's going on.

First off - I know I have some things I need to respond to. Sorry about that all, I haven't forgotten anyone!

Next, TFF is still down, but again, we're not dead. My host and I are very close to getting somewhere (we're on a limited budget). I do have updates pending on there (including more unused models). I'll post a video when it's back, to make it easier.

Finally, I've been on a minor hiatus around the net in general, which is why I haven't been seen as much.

Again, I'll be back soon!

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 26 April 2017

Total Fur Fighters - temporarily down!

This is just a heads up - Total Fur Fighters is currently down. I was aware that this would be happening sometime this year, and I can't stress enough that we will be returning as soon as possible. Thanks all!

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 10 November 2015

Glitch Pages added!

I've been thinking about this recently. To declutter the Wiki without removing any content, I've now moved all Glitches and Game Errors to a page dedicated to that specific level.

By all means, feel free to keep adding to the main Glitch pages. But if there's a glitch you know about - no matter how minor, feel free to add it to that level's respective glitch page too. Even if I've removed it before for being too minor (which really was just to keep the pages looking tidy).

Thanks all!

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 17 June 2015

Fur Fighters Facebook page!

Just a quick heads up - We now have a Fur Fighters Facebook page, which can be seen on the front page! Remember to 'like' us!

-RadSpyro 23:34, June 17, 2015 (UTC)

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 3 June 2015

Dreamcast Players

Just wondering if any Dreamcast players are around right now? I have a couple of questions (which technically I could find out myself, but... It would mean playing through game and getting to The Bad Place again, and I don't have that much time right now). It's just some stuff I've found on the prototype, but I don't remember them being there in the final. -RadSpyro 00:36, June 3, 2015 (UTC)

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Alexanderisgreat1999 Alexanderisgreat1999 9 May 2015

Anyone wanna play fur fighters pc with me

Id love to play fur fighters online one day with someone and after discovering their is an ip search for someone to play i was ecstatic

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 13 March 2015

Poll: One year later...

Well, a year and two days. But! Here are the results of the poll. When asked who their favorite Fur Fighter was:

  • 1. Tweek
  • 2. Roofus
  • 3. Chang
  • 4. Juliette
  • 5. Bungalow
  • 5. Rico

So well done to Tweek the Dragon!

Thanks to all that participated. There's a new poll up for anyone interested!

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 18 January 2015

Dreamcast Fur Fighters Prototype Obtained!

I finally managed to get hold of something I've wanted for years - An actual prototype of Fur Fighters!

The game itself is about a month away from retail release. I haven't had a chance to delve in there properly just yet, as I'm planning on ordering a new VMU to save my progress from the beginning (too many memories with my current VMU to wipe any of the 3 game datas). On that note, the VMU recognises the prototype as the regular game, so I can switch between the pair if there's something I need to check on.

Like I said, I haven't played it properly just yet, but I've already seen some differences. Notably, the Cat Scratches in Viggo A Gogo which are missing in the final game are actually still there in the prototype - Much like the Strateg…

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 9 January 2015

New Discoveries!

Hey all! Got a bit of news for you today. I was messing around with the demo disc, and managed to get further than the Exit! Which lead to these new discoveries...

  • A cave was removed from the final game. It's blank in the demo too.
  • One of the blue Beaver Power crates is slightly ajar. In the final, it's sealed up completely.
  • Soo was implemented a bit later than the other babies, since she's missing entirely here.
  • Bungalow's Telepoint uses an older texture
  • And the most interesting one - Agnes is completely absent. In her place is a Beaver, who would give you the Builder's Hat item!

I've got images up on Total Fur Fighters as usual. Feel free to add the information to the Wiki if you'd like to, otherwise I'll add it in at a later date.

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 16 December 2014

Dreamcast Cheats not working?

So I FINALLY got my Dreamcast working again - Woot! And shortly after switching it on, I was hit with nostalgia. And I also remembered something.

I could never get the 'defeat/revisit boss' cheats to work - Has anyone managed to get them working on their copy at all? I'm really interested in seeing the 3D cheat in action (Esmerelda).

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 24 November 2014

Scan Request!

Lately I've been trying to get hold of some scans of the Fur Fighter game covers, discs and instruction manuals (front cover only). I was just wondering if anyone out there has access to a scanner (or even a camera!) to get me some decent-high quality images of the NTSC/US copies of the games at all?

You can check out what I've got so far over here: http://furfighters.xemnas.net/boxart.php Of course I'll credit anyone who has their scans/pics on there!

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 12 November 2014

Flash Games

Welp, updated TFF and finally uploaded those old Flash games.

  • http://furfighters.xemnas.net/game1.php
  • http://furfighters.xemnas.net/game2.php
  • http://furfighters.xemnas.net/game3.php
  • http://furfighters.xemnas.net/game4.php

Enjoy, Fur Fighter fans!

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 15 October 2014

Wiki Changes - Proposal

Hey all, I haven't forgotten about the Flash games - I'm still uploading them sometime this month!

In the meantime, I was thinking about some potential changes to certain Wiki pages. Namely -

  • Digging Hole - rename to Burrows
  • New category: Special Abilities
    • On that note, add a page for Chang's small size (Tight Squeeze? Suggestions for an ability name?) and Bungalow's High Jump, since the others all have their very own pages.
  • New page - Climbing (general info, explaining the difference between regular use and Juliette's use)
  • New page - Controls (mainly for screenshots taken from the game, showing the option menu controllers)


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RadSpyro RadSpyro 18 September 2014

Interest in the Flash games

So I've recently been able to acquire all four of the Fur Fighters Flash Mini Games.

Now, if I upload them to TFF, it will likely take up space and bandwidth. At the same time, these games aren't very well known, and I'm sure that others might like to play. So.

Would there be any interest if I uploaded the games to TFF? Would anyone out there like to play them? They're not particularly engaging... But they're still Fur Fighters!

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Alexanderisgreat1999 Alexanderisgreat1999 15 August 2014

Anyone know how to get out of the map in the PC version

Comments appreciated and vids would be great

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RomyPlays RomyPlays 15 August 2014

The end of the river in Beaver Power hub finally discovered!

I accidentally shot the Fur Fighter Village entrance in Beaver Power with a freeze gun, and an ice cube formed! well, this proves that the river in Beaver Power hub ends in the Fur Fighter Village entrance! 

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RomyPlays RomyPlays 14 August 2014

Unobtainable Rocket discovered in Temple of Gloom!

I was looking for inaccessible areas in some levels, when i found an unobtainable Rocket in Temple of Gloom, but, i don't know how to get out of the level boundaries to get a better picture, but here is the unobtainable Rocket: 

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RomyPlays RomyPlays 10 August 2014

A hidden Tweek telepoint?

I was trying to get out of the level boundaries in the Anatat Tatanatat hub, when i found a Tweek telepoint inside a bush, but is accessible. 

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 9 August 2014

Viggo's Revenge: Where was this clip played?

Okay, so random question that has been bugging me for years now.

Back when Viggo's Revenge was announced, the official site uploaded a small music remix with several of the new voice actors playing their lines. I managed to locate all these lines in the game, except one.

Shortly after Rico plays his 'Dude, chill out. You're freaking me out!' line, General Viggo says 'Time to die.'

Does anyone know where General Viggo actually says that in the game? I can't remember if younger me ever found it, but I don't remember him saying that in the game anywhere.

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 4 August 2014

Just a note

Just so everyone is aware, I'm doing a bit of a cleanup. This includes adding links to pages, using the full link as opposed to a shortcut (ie. Roofus the Hound instead of Roofus), fixing typos and other general corrections/alterations.

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SergeantViggo SergeantViggo 26 July 2014

What's this?!

It's been a while since I played FF, but I came across these bottles when glitching up the VAB Building:

They're placed really far away from the level and hidden inside a building. Are they actually used in the game?

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Alexanderisgreat1999 Alexanderisgreat1999 22 July 2014

What's your favorite Fur fighter level

What's your favorite fur fighter level and why? Feel free to comment on your favorite level!

My favorite level is dinotopolis because I really love levels where your in a life size world but your the size of an ant.

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SergeantViggo SergeantViggo 22 July 2014

New here, but not to Fur Fighters!

Hello there everyone. I just wanted to give an intro just because.

I'm Sergeant Viggo, long time fan of Fur Fighters. I used to belong to the old Bizarre Creations forum (the really, REALLY old one) as well as couple of others. I was semi-known in the Fur Fighters community, but when BC moved their message boards and the Fur Fighters fandom started to disintegrate, I kinda... Disappeared with them.

I was searching for Fur Fighters 2 when I found this place, and although most pages seem to be pretty complete, I'd like to help in any way that I can.

Random: My favorite character is of course General Viggo. By far :D

So hi to everyone!

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 20 July 2014

TFF Revamp - Loads of Undiscovered info!

I don't like to post everytime TFF updates, but this time in particular I think is worthy of a blog post.

Total Fur Fighters V5 - The Total Revamp

This is the biggest overhaul the site has had in over 10 years! This is why I've been a little inactive and slow at responding to some requests. Here's some things I hope you'll find as interesting as I did when discovering them:

  1. PREVIOUSLY UNDISCOVERED STUFF - From a scrapped baby that was in an early demo to Dinosaur Deco and the other early level names - There is a heap of new stuff added to Unused Elements, some of which hasn't even been added to the Wiki (yet - I'll do that soon)!
  2. MORE UNUSED MODELS - Including the Large Smart which has been requested before.
  3. FULL DEMO COVERAGE - I was pretty sho…
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RadSpyro RadSpyro 12 July 2014

Area Differences - Help needed!

Hey all, I've still got some things to upload both to TFF and the Wiki, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me out with something.

As we all know, Viggo's Revenge is drastically different to the other games - Loads of areas have been remade for a start. Since there are so many tiny differences (ie. the new shelves added in Dinos Upstairs) I was wondering if anyone would be up for helping me make a list of areas that have some difference in them. It would be amazing if you could also get photos too - They don't have to be HD quality either! Though even just an observation would be helpful.

An example of 'different' between versions (the reactor room from H.M.S. Viggolina:

Keep fluffing, Fur Fighters!

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Somegranola Somegranola 3 June 2014

Demotion Proposition - Somegranola

Hey everyone, long time no see. 

As you can probably already tell, I don't do much of anything around here anymore. It is that reason that I feel I should not be an admin here anymore. Now I'm not sure exactly how taking the posistion away works but I assume it must be done by another admin or the founder of this wiki.

In any case, that's how I feel it should be.

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 27 April 2014

TFF Back, early Fur Fighters footage vid

To start off with, Total Fur Fighters is back at last with a huge update to the beta page, containing many images, some of which aren't here yet (and yes, you may upload those here if you wish)!

Next, I just thought I'd share this with you all. It's low quality unfortunately, but it's a compilation of some early Fur Fighter footage (Dreamcast). It includes some early textures, an unused background item (which I hope to have a clearer image of soon) and some general oddities. Some of you may have seen it from IGN.


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RadSpyro RadSpyro 31 March 2014

New Findings - Removed Babies & Minigame

Hi all. I figured this might be of interest to some of you, and since Total Fur Fighters is down (will be back up sometime next week hopefully) I'll post some new findings here.

Hidden away in the files for the PC game are mentions of 11 Babies which are inaccessible and cannot be rescued. Since I haven't found a way to explore most levels out of boundaries (freely, that is) I am uncertain if these guys are squirreled away in closed-off segments of the levels or floating outside the level boundaries or if they have been removed entirely.

  • World Quack Centre - Lucy, Renton
  • Compound Factions - Su, Chow, Rose, Amy
  • God Machine Valley - Rose, Jean-Marc
  • Beaver Dam - Eddie
  • VAB Building - Wallace
  • The Rumpus Room - Anita

It' should be noted that a couple of…

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 2 March 2014

Glitch Page Cleanup

I'll ask before I do anything - How would people feel about a clean up with the Glitches page?

Ideally, what I was hoping to do was list each game in it's own sub-page (ie. Glitches/Dreamcast, Glitches/PC etc.). From there, I was going to add the major 'Game-breaking bugs' at the top of the page, so people can be aware of what can possibly go wrong.

What do my fellow Fur Fighters think?

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Somegranola Somegranola 26 January 2014

Level Descriptions

As some of you may have noticed, I've been typing some of the level descriptions for the levels and was wondering if they were appropriate in the information they were given.

I tend to write them in a way one might initially encounter the level layout, but I also try not to give away puzzle solutions (since those are covered in other articles). Granted I know people can edit the descriptions and all, but I want to know if they are at least coherent.

Thanks for reading!

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Firdhan Firdhan 16 January 2014

Thank you!

Thank you to everybody that is contributing to this wiki. I have been a fan of this game since i was five so i constantly roam this wiki in search for things i didn't know about! I would contribute to this wikia but i cant provide any pictures only information etc. So if you need help with anything tell me! :)

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 14 December 2013

Note about Glitches/Bugs

This is just something I've been thinking about for a while now, but after visiting several other gaming Wikis I've come to this decision - Feel free to discuss!

From now on, where game bugs/glitches are concerned, please only post them if they have a really interesting side effect.

For example - Glitches that can push you out of the level boundaries and allow you to explore away from the level (such as the one found in Lower East Quack in VR). Glitches such as the one in World Quack Centre on the top of the clock, not so much, as there really isn't a great deal to see.

Also, please avoid glitches where you have to put yourself out to get to them - For example, performing a precise jump using Bungalow to reach a higher platform which lets you…

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 3 December 2013

Tidying Up

Okay, we're nearly there everyone! Thanks for all your help!

Areas that still need refining:

  • Weapon locations
  • Level and cutscene galleries
  • Level descriptions

In the meantime, I've been thinking about what should be considered a Minor location and what shouldn't. I'm proposing these must be kept in mind when writing for a minor location of a level:

  • An area that can be named appropriately (Good Example: God of Processing | Bad Example: Cave with Lasers)
  • Areas which have been redesigned* in Viggo's Revenge
  • Areas which have a significant puzzle to complete (i.e. Temple Maze)
  • Areas which have a lot going on around it (In terms of both Collectibles and aesthetics, such as the Nursery)

*Excluding minor differences, like say, an additional poster

They don't …

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 1 December 2013

ALERT - Baby pages in disarray

This is just a quick post to let everyone know that I'm aware of the baby pages being in a mess right now, with their lack of pictures and whatnot.

If you'd like to fix some, by all means! Go for it! But please also add these two new tags, adjusting where necessary:

'Hubworld Babies'

'Level Babies'

All that needs to be added are the ]] and [[ to the image text.

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 22 November 2013

Layout: Don't Panic!

Just for those of you who notice the new layout - Don't worry, this isn't final! 

On that note though, if you have any ideas on a good layout, please don't hesitate to let me know. And if any of my test layouts blind your eyes, please please please let me know immediately and I'll change it to something more manageable.

RadSpyro (talk) 18:28, November 22, 2013 (UTC)

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Somegranola Somegranola 11 November 2013

New to the Wiki

Hello everyone, I just recently joined the wiki and am eager to contribute my knowledge of Fur Fighters to the site. However, I do not know how things are ran around here. I am currently reading on how to edit and create pages at the moment, so I'll be able to contribute some of the infromation I know soon.

The thing is, I'm not sure of what the actual policies, if any, there are that pertain to this wiki exclusively. If there are any rules or editing regulations that I should to know as a user here, would someone be able to let me know? And if there is a page regarding my concerns already and I just haven't located it yet, I apologize in advance.

Thanks for reading!

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 8 November 2013

Adopting the Wiki

Hey all. I know there's only a couple of other people editing here, but would anyone mind if I tried to adopt the Wiki? I'd be happy to grant admin rights to any other regular editors if I were successful.

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 2 November 2013

Additional level info

I know there aren't many editors here, but should I add the 'Tokens/Babies required' info to the level template box?

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RadSpyro RadSpyro 8 September 2012

Most in need?

Just wondering what pages people would like to see mostly? I'm starting with the easiest pages first.

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