Blue Bear
Enemy Info
Energy 12
Damage from Weapon 4
Close Attack Damage 25
Speed 30

Blue Bears (sometimes known as Little Bears or Grizzly Bears) are the smallest out of the Bears within the game and are the weakest overall.

They only hold Pistols as their weapons, though like other enemies they do possess a Close Attack. They can be headshotted with a Shotgun or Auto Shotgun. They are most common in the earlier levels, such as New Quack City and are most commonly found in groups. No matter how you play the game, they will also be the very first enemy you see. When they are about to fire, they will take aim, pause for a second, and then shoot. So when you see them take aim, it's a warning that they're about to fire. Every shot you take from them will deal 4 damage.


Level AppearancesEdit

  • In Beaver Power, they wear a yellow/orange vest, brown shorts and a black armband.
  • In Cape Canardo, they sport a blue jacket with orange accents, a white vest and white trainers.
  • In Dinotopolis, they appear as blue toy soldier bears with artillery strapped around their body.
  • In The Bad Place, they appear as skeletons.


  • If headshotted in The Bad Place, they will become immortal and can never be killed, so it is highly suggested not to use a Shotgun against them while exploring The Bad Place.
  • One of the bears in the main hubworld of Cape Canardo seems to suffer from the "exceptionally stupid bear" bug.


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