Builder's Hat
Level Compound Factions (demo)
Char Test (final)
Found With a Beaver trapped in concrete

Amongst the other items (Char Test)

Used for N/A (originally to get past a Beaver

The Builder's Hat is one of the unused items in Fur Fighters. It can be only found in Char Test in the final games, though can be found in Compound Factions in an early demo.

Original way to obtainEdit

There is an unused line in Compound Factions present in the final game that confirms this item was to be placed somewhere in the level. The quote reads "Phew! I'd have been a gonner without my hard hat. You should take one. You never know, it may just save your life!".

The demo disc also has a beaver who would have spoken this line. In place of Agnes, a Beaver can be found. He would have originally given you this item.

Original useEdit

The purpose of the Builder's hat was revealed in the Fur Fighters demo disc, where there is a line that reads: "Hold on there buddy! No one gets through MY gate until I see a safety certificate and a hard hat!".


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