Cape Canardo is a space themed Hubworld run by Ducks. As you progress, you will prep a rocket for launch and enter space in two different levels.


In the intro cutscene that was introduced in Viggo's Revenge, the entire reason for General Viggo's presence at Cape Canardo was to drop anvils from space onto Roofus, to which the first attempt is unsuccessful. However, due to the incompetence of his staff (involving an insufficient amount of anvils), Viggo is forced to dismantle his operations at the station, which include having their latest mutant destroy the space station when all is said and done. Viggo also orders that any evidence that may link Viggo Industries to the anvil that was launched to be erased, fearing the Fur Fighters will pursue them harder than they already are. Unfortunately for him, Roofus spots the giant Viggo head logo on the anvil...


Cape Canardo starts off in a museum area filled with a variety of different models. From here, you can choose to either exit outside to find more replicas, continue onward to find a space exhibit filled with miniature planets or follow the pathway to an elevator, and another pathway with two shuttles about to launch.





Fluffmatches associated with this hubEdit


  • The world is based on around the NASA & Russian space programs
  • The name of this hubworld is a pun on the French word canard which means "duck", and Cape Canaveral.
  • This is the only main hubworld that has two of the same Fur Fighter Telepoints.
  • Bungalow can jump on the fin of one of the model rockets outside of the VAB Building entrance in the PS2 Port. To do so, jump onto it via the side of the stairway (opposite of Juliette's Telepoint).
  • When exploring the hub enough, a Crocodile and a Brown Bear will spawn at the door that leads to VLF Facility in the lobby. However, in Viggo's Revenge, they end up spawning inside the ceiling above the door instead.


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