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In narrow spaces, to be short is advantageous.

–Chang, Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge

Chang is a Firefox from Hong Kong. He is 5 years old, and his special ability is getting through small nooks and crannies. He is married to Mai. He is also the creator of the Teleportation Device. His flea level can be found in Lower East Quack.


Chang was born into a rich family in rural Hong Kong and raised in the bright lights of the country's southern boom cities. When the war started, he horrified his kin by choosing to become a common foot soldier. His encyclopedic knowledge of science and strategy combined with his natural agility and cunning, make him one of the Fur Fighters best weapons.

After the war had finished and General Viggo had been placed away, Chang settled down with his wife, Mai and their children in Fur Fighter Village. When the General kidnapped his family, he was ready to fight.

In The Bad Place, Chang had to face his own nightmare, where he blended in with everything around him, barely noticeable to the world.

Although Roofus began to have his doubts about finding his spouse in Anatat Tatanatat, Chang was positive they would find both Winnie and Mai soon enough. Sure enough, they both turned up shortly after his words, and, working alongside Roofus, Chang was able to save his beloved wife.

After a brief moment of relaxation, he continued his journey and in the Secret Island, went on a drastic mission to escape the Vault by defeating Uber Bear, 31st Century Fox, Odebah Bear, and Oddfelt in order to retrieve the 4 different cage keys they held onto.

Finally, when the Telepoint system broke down thanks to General Viggo's bomb, he rapidly worked as fast as he could to fix them. He then came in at the end of the final battle, where he and the other Fur Fighters and their families turned up in the nick of time to save Roofus.

Physical Description[]

Being a Firefox Chang is short in stature. Chang's fur consists of a mixture between red and orange and yellow. Red being on his head, arms, legs, and stripes of red on his tail. Yellow being on his chest, on his face (around the eyes and mouth) and stripes of yellow on his tail. Being small, Chang can get into or squeeze into small areas or places. Chang mostly wears an unbuttoned blue shirt and a pair of brown pants.


  • The original Dreamcast game uses Chang's prototype model in the character select screen.


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