Cheats are hidden throughout Fur Fighters. Unlike most traditional games, they cannot be accessed by inputting a series of codes or smashing certain buttons. To earn cheats one must complete certain tasks or beat the high scores of the Arcade Games from Fur Fighter Village

Accessing the cheats in Fur Fighters can be found on the 'Start Game' select. In Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge there is a separate menu with an image of General Viggo's hand sneaking out an ace of spades.

List of CheatsEdit

Fur Fighters ExclusiveEdit

Viggo's Revenge ExclusiveEdit

​Early Cheat MenuEdit

In the DreamOn Volume 9 Fur Fighters demo, an early version of the cheat menu can be accessed by hacking the game out of demo mode. Unlike the final version and some of the other demos, this menu is arranged like a grid and not as a list. This may have been changed once the cheats had names, so they could fit on the screen without overlapping.


Early cheat menu.

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