Coat Stub
Level Quackenheim Museum
Found In glass case
Used for Getting a coat

The Coat Stub is an item obtainable inside Quackenheim Museum. It is inside a glass case beside the Statue To Continuous Forms Of Uniqueness In Time in the lobby.

How to obtainEdit

It is possible to break the Coat Stub out of the case by shooting the strange cord on the "Century Wardrobes" sign in the Wardrobe Room upstairs. However, once the Coat Stub is outside the case, any attempts on entering the Cloakroom will result a forced fight with the Chameleon Bot.

How to useEdit

The Coat Stub is required to free a puppy inside the Cloakroom. Once in the Cloakroom, walk up to the Autocoat machine and the stub will be entered. The coat will be dropped off, and with it, the Alexander.