Enemy Info
Energy 60
Damage from Weapon N/A
Close Attack Damage 10
Speed 60

Crocodiles are enemies which you will face throughout the game.

Unlike most other enemies, the crocodiles are only capable of biting, and possess no long range attack or weapon. Their bite attack, however, is extremely powerful, and they are the quickest enemy in the game. They also have one of the highest HP/energy points for a standard enemy, making them somewhat troublesome when in large groups (which, most of the time, they are).

If you are playing through the game in the order set out for you, you will first encounter them in Lower East Quack.


Level AppearacesEdit

  • In New Quack City they wear a blue jacket with a white vest.
  • In Beaver Power, they wear a red top with a white shirt, a black belt buckle and either white or beige (PS2) shorts.
  • In Cape Canardo, they sport blue shorts and a white vest with a red tie.
  • In Dinotopolis, they appear as brown rats.
  • In Anatat Tatanatat, they sport a robe similar to General Viggo's and a yellow crest piece on their head.
  • In The Bad Place, their body is naked and their head is a skull with no eyes.
  • In Viggo A Gogo, they wear a red jacket and an orange helmet with yellow accents.
  • In Secret Island, they sport a blue jacket with a white vest and dark blue shorts.


  • An early version of the Crocodile showed him with a more vicious facial expression.


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