The Dancing Mini Games are side missions that come from Sergeant Sternhauser. The point of the game is to memorize every move that Sternhauser does. If completed Sternhauser will smash an object of sorts and  you will get a small reward such Gold Tokens, Pet Yums, ammo, and sometimes even a new weapon.


Hubworld Level Image Reward
New Quack City World Quack Centre
Shotgunꜝ, Submachine Gun, Large Pet Yums, 4 Gold Tokensꜟ, 1 Large Shotgun Ammo
Beaver Power Beaver Power
4 Energy Ammo, Plasma Blaster
Beaver Power Furry Forest
Shotgun, 3 Large Shotgun Ammo
Cape Canardo VAB Building
Space 002
4 Gold Tokens, 2 Thermal Ammo, Flame Gun
Dinotopolis The Rumpus Room
4 Gold Tokens
Anatat Tatanatat Anatat Tatanatat
Flame Gun, Plasma Beamer, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher

Excluding Viggo's Revenge

Viggo's Revenge only


  • Rarely when playing, sometimes the screen suddenly shifts to the regular Fur Fighter view mode, which makes the game significantly harder. You can also walk away, but if you happen to press any buttons after Sternhauser is done, you will fly all the way over to the spot, regardless of how far away you are. However, if you run away far enough, the game will assume that you're not playing it, and you will not be dragged back forcibly. Also, if that happens, you cannot redo the game until you leave the map and come back.


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