Call that a rescue? You shot me you bloomin' great galah!

–Esmerelda, Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge

Esmerelda is the domineering wife of Bungalow the Kangaroo, first seen in the introduction throwing a pan at her husband's face. She was captured, mutated and sent to Dinotopolis in the neighbouring garden pool, where she attempted to shoot her husband whilst balancing herself on inflatables surrounded by lava in Saving Esmerelda. But he managed to defeat her, whereupon she berated him for attacking her.

When awoken at home, she will irritably snap at 'Bungy', telling him to go and make dinner. She is also seen resting just before General Viggo attacks the village.

Finally, she arrives at the final scene to save Roofus from General Viggo.


  • Esmerelda is the only mutated kin to speak a full sentence coherently.


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