The exit in the Beaver Dam

Exits are locations in a level that indicate the level's end. All levels in the game have some form of a level exit. 


Exits provide a way for the player to leave the level and return to the hub without having to use the menu. Exits can easily be identified by some form of sign that displays the word "Exit", though this is not always the case.

Leaving through the level exit will also provide a stats screen which indicates the time it took to reach the exit, how many tokens were collected, how many babies were rescued and how many enemies were defeated. Completing all puzzles within a level is not necessary to reach the exit, though certain ones may need to be done to make the exit accessible.

Sometimes, completing an overall objective will automatically end the level in a similar fashion to finding an exit, such as the case with destroying the aircraft in the H.M.S Viggolina level. Re-entering levels like these, however, will open up a proper exit.

Exits are also the main objective for Time Attack challenges.


  • The Undermill is the only level in which the entrance is also the exit.
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