Flame Gun
Weapon Info
Power 40
Ammo Thermal
First found VAB Building
Tier Above Flamethrower
Tier Below Freeze Gun

The Flame Gun is a weapon that uses Thermal as ammo. It is usually found after the Freeze Gun.


The Flame Gun has a similar appearance to Freeze Gun, with a few changes.

When shot, it sends a fireball that damages any enemies that are close enough to it, and deals considerable damage. Be careful - you can damage yourself with this weapon, and it can hurt. Like the Freeze Gun, it cannot go through water.

It also has a pretty big hitbox, since it reaches beyond thick walls. With that said, if there happens to be a door with a bear standing beside it, you can shoot a Flame Gun at the door, and the bear at the other side will get damaged or killed. However, this does not apply in Viggo's Revenge, as the hitbox has been drastically decreased.


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