Flea Mini Game

Flea Mini Games are side missions exclusive to Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge. These special levels allow you to play as a seventh character - The Mighty Flea.

There are six Flea Mini Games for each of the Fur Fighters hidden in a level in each Hubworlds (excluding Fur Fighter Village). In order to make certain the correct Fur Fighter reaches their flea level, they can only be accessed by using each character's special ability.

The level is set inside the Fur Fighter's fur, and the objective is to eliminate all Ticks in the area, with your weapons becoming limited to a Heavy Machine Gun and Close Attack. If completed, you will earn a Close Attack Upgrade.


When playing the Flea Mini Games it's best to look after and manage your health and ammo. Health only comes when Ticks are destroyed, Ammo only coming from dead Nits the best way to get ammo is by standing by a Nit Egg and keep killing Nits as soon as they respawn. And it's best not to waste all of your ammo in a gunfight.


Fur Fighter Hubworld Level Found Area Flea Level
Chang New Quack City Lower East Quack
Flea in the City
Roofus Beaver Power Compound Factions
Dam Flea
Juliette Cape Canardo VAB Building
Space Flea
Tweek Dinotopolis Dinos Upstairs
Bungalow Anatat Tatanatat Jungle of Despair
Damned Flea
Rico Viggo A Gogo Secret Island
Final Flea

Trivia Edit

  • The music played in the levels is a remixed version of William Tell Overture.
  • Although the flea games count as part of the main level they are found in, the hidden level select screen shows that the Flea Levels each have their own unique name.
  • Although there is no Flea Level in Fur Fighter Village, one is accessible via a cheat device using the Level Select.
  • Although all other weapons are disabled upon entry, The Mighty Flea himself is capable of using any of the Fur Fighters' weapons when they are reactivated.


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