Fluffed is a term used for when the Fur Fighters health reaches 0. It is a spin on the phrase 'Snuffed'.

Once this happens, as with many games, you reach a type of 'Game Over' screen with the words You Fluffed It appearing on screen. Once this happens, you will be given the choice of restarting, returning to the Hubworld or quitting the game.

If you choose restart, you will continue where you last left off, Telepoint-wise. Any Babies saved, Key Items found or Gold Tokens obtained using that Fur Fighter will still be present (and Silver Tokens will be in the place of Gold ones), but any new Weapons or Ammo gained will no longer be in your possession. 

Should you return to the hub, the same items will be with you.

If you quit the game, you will lose everything that you have obtained in the duration of you using that particular Fur Fighter.


  • In Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge it is possible to play a two player adventure mode by pressing start just as a player gets Fluffed in a Fluffmatch. If done correctly, the 'Return to Hubworld' button will appear, allowing both players to play on single player mode.
  • In the original Dreamcast game, if you get Fluffed at the same time as picking up a Gold Token the game will not register the Gold Token and leave it as a Silver Token, which will make it impossible to clear the game 100%.
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