Fluffed in Space
Theme Cape Canardo
Versions Available
Fur Fighters YES
Fur Fighters PC YES
Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge YES

Fluffed in Space is one of the maps in Fluffmatch mode. It is based on Cape Canardo and is one of the two maps to have a unique Pet Yums that brings a Fur Fighter's health to 200 which gradually goes down until it reaches 100.

There is a big structure that is in the middle of the map, and it emits icy gas when shot. You will be frozen if touched and will be fluffed if frozen for too long or shot by another fighter while frozen.


  • When someone is going for the Pet Yums Plus, you can shoot beside the Pet Yums to emit the icy gas, and the player often falls into the gas and gets frozen, making the risk go to waste - unless they happen to thaw before they die, then that may be a different story, so you may want to shoot them.
  • If someone happens to be chasing you, and they are getting close to the structure, you can shoot it to leave behind the icy gas and they may accidentally run into it and die.





  • There is a bug which occurs when a Fur Fighter is fluffed on top of the structure at the slanted angles. If done correctly, it will cause the Fur Fighter to fall down it, sometimes stuck inside, and occasionally at the very bottom of the structure. You will fall far below the level, and the background will become glitched.


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