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A Fluffmatch is a multiplayer game where the objective is to simply wipe out your opponent(s). They exist in all versions of Fur Fighters except for Fur Fighters: Viggo on Glass.

Up to 4 players can participate. However, on the PC version of the game, it was at one stage possible to connect with up to 16 players using GameSpy Arcade.

Fluffmatch mode has many different types of levels, usually based on the hubworlds in Fur Fighters.

The Dreamcast version of the game had 6 Fluffmatch maps (including one secret map). Later versions of the game expanded, adding another 6 maps to the list for a total of 13 different Fluffmatches.


ꜝ Available on Dreamcast


  • Fur Fighter Village is the only hub whose Fluffmatch must be activated via a cheat.
  • Beaver Dam is the only hubworld (excluding Fur Fighter Village) to have only one Fluffmatch in later installments.
  • There is a glitch in Viggo's Revenge which can allow the player to play the main story mode with two players by quickly pressing start before a player gets fluffed and selecting 'Return to Hubworld'.
  • In some versions of the games, if two players die at the same time, the game will freeze momentarily (probably to catch up with what had happened), and then resume back to normal.
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