Enemy Info
Energy 40
Damage from Weapon 4
Close Attack Damage N/A
Speed 50
Foxes are enemies that are found throughout the game. They are first seen in the main hub of Cape Canardo.

The Foxes attack by using two Pistols and strafing around you to also avoid getting hit. On death, they only drop one Pistol. Unlike most of the enemies' AI, Foxes will shoot non-stop, even if you are clearly out of range. This can lead to Foxes fighting bears if you are sitting on a ledge that is out of reach or you have the skills to avoid getting shot and have the fox shoot the bear instead.

31st Century Fox is essentially a larger version of the Fox, just with a different skin.


Level AppearancesEdit


  • The Foxes were the only standard enemy without a Close Attack in the original games. This was changed with the introduction of the Cow in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge.
  • The outfit the foxes wear in Cape Canardo is similar to those found in Star Trek.
  • If lured into the water, the foxes will float. Though they lack a swimming animation, they will still run around like normal and use their running animation.
  • Fluffing a fox in a specific manner (ex: dying to the steam/fire effects in Beaver Dam, VLF Facility and The V-100 or getting blown up when a cow dies and afterwards explodes) will sometimes freeze the game.


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