Freeze Gun
Weapon Info
Power 210
Ammo Thermal
First found VAB Building
Tier Above Flame Gun
Tier Below N/A

The Freeze Gun is a semi-fast firing energy based weapon. It is located in the first tier of weapons that consume Thermal ammunition. The tier above the Freeze Gun is the Flame Gun.


The Freeze Gun is mainly a violet color with grey and transparent details. A Thermal "clip" is under body of the weapon. The end of the gun has two muzzles. It has the shortest gun length in its family. 

When fired, the Freeze Gun shoots an icy ring at enemies to freeze them in place. They develop a blue color with icicles and are completely immobile. At this point, another shot from the Freeze Gun will be ineffective but attacking with any other weapon will result in a one shot kill, shattering the enemy to pieces. While frozen, the player can push the frozen enemy, causing it to slide along the ground. If the player pushes the frozen enemy off a ledge, even if it is a single step high, the enemy will shatter as if it was attacked. After some time, if the frozen enemy is not killed, they will thaw and continue to attack the player.

Polar Bears are immune to shots from the Freeze Gun. When used against a boss, the effects of the Freeze Gun varies. For example, it only freezes Mai if she's standing over the pond inside the tree - otherwise it will have no effect. If used against Viggo, he will take damage instead of freezing.

Shooting the Freeze Gun on any liquid will create an ice cube for a short amount of time.


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