Fur Fighter Village is the starting point and central hub for all worlds, as well as the homes for all the Fur Fighters. From here, you can gradually access all other Hubworlds found in the game. This is also where rescued family members will retreat to once they have been saved.

There are no enemies to be found in this level, and only very basic weapons can be obtained. Although it lacks what other hubworlds have, various cheats can be obtained via the Arcade Games found in the homes.




Ammo Dreamcast PC/iOS PS2
Bullets 60 60 60
Shells 18 18 18

Fluffmatches associated with this HubEdit


  • A Flea Mini Game, Home Flea, was meant to be put into Fur Fighter Village but was cut out in the final version. It can be still be played (and completed) in debug, though it is unknown exactly what Fur Fighter it belongs to.
  • The closet in Juliette's home can be entered. It appears much larger than it seems.
  • In the remake of the game more detail was added to the Fur Fighter's houses, such as Chang now owning a computer in his house and Bungalow now owning a fridge and working sink in his house. Juliette's closet also shows what is inside (the closet being at least as large as the house itself), as opposed to appearing as a dead end. There is also a functioning mirror inside.
  • This is the only hub to have 50 Gold Tokens instead of just 10. This is likely to help start the player off.
  • The only Fluffmatch associated with this world can be found via a cheat obtainable in World Quack Centre.
  • When the babies return to the village, they will only be happy when they see their own family member. In Viggo's Revenge, they are happy to see anyone.
  • If you shoot any guards or kin in the Dreamcast version, they will all give the same response: "OW!" with a Beetle's voice.


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