Fur Fighters (Gameboy Color)
Game Information
Developers Bizarre Creations
Publishers N/A
Platform Gameboy Color
Release Date 2000-2001 (cancelled)
Modes Unknown
Genre Unknown

Fur Fighters Gameboy Color is an unreleased game for Nintendo's handheld. 

Back in May 2000, IGN posted that Bizarre Creations had confirmed a portable version of Fur Fighters for Nintendo's popular handheld console, Gameboy Color.[1]

Unfortunately, this never came to be. When asked about the status of the game on the original Bizarre Creations forum, a developer hinted at the possibility that it would be released on the Gameboy Advance instead, since the Gameboy Color was slowly starting to fade out at that time.

Like Fur Fighters II, this too never came to be, and no concept art ever surfaced, although some mockup art was created for the initial Gameboy Color proposal. It is possible that some day the artwork may resurface.


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