600px-Fur Fighters Ouya cover
Fur Fighters (OUYA)
Game Information
Developers Muffin Games
Publishers OUYA
Platform OUYA
Release Date 2013 (cancelled)
Modes Single Player
Genre Third-Person Shooter

Fur Fighters OUYA was a port of Fur Fighters: Viggo on Glass that was due to be released sometime in 2013. However, as nothing has been heard from the project since that year, it is presumed to have been cancelled.


In June 2013, Mark Craig confirmed that he was working on porting the game from the iOS version. [1] He also confirmed in a tweet that it was up and running on the console, [2] and was later added to the list of confirmed games.[3] Despite this, nothing has been heard since from anyone, and it has presumably been cancelled.

Had the game been published, it would likely have been nearly identical to Viggo on Glass, with only the controls altered for the game itself.


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