The Fur Fighters Exclusive Demo is a demo disc that was given out with issue #10 of DC-UK magazine.

The demo is split into three different segments. One part contains an early and playable version of Compound Factions. The second contains a playable, yet slimmed down version of the Fluffmatch, You only Fluff twice. And finally, there is a rolling demo of World Quack Centre, containing some early footage of the game.

Despite claiming to be exclusive, the content on the disc can also be found on the Dead or Alive/Fur Fighters Demo which was also released in Europe. Dream on Vol. 9 also contains part of this demo, and a largely identical version exists on the Generator Vol. 2 disc that was given with the purchase of a Dreamcast console in the US. The only part that is exclusive is Compound Factions, and that is only if you do not take into account the international demo disc releases.


  • This demo disc was the only one ever given out by DC-UK in its twenty month run.
  • Although the Compound Factions level ends just before you reach the Explosives Warehouse, it is possible to get further by leaping over the fence and avoiding the exit sign.
    • In addition to this, the Debug Menu can also be accessed, and you can complete the level 100% this way.
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