Fur Fighters II (often known as Fur Fighters 2) was an unreleased game mentioned towards the back of the original Fur Fighters manual.

Bizarre Creations and their staff have been often asked about the probability of a sequel, but they have frequently mentioned that the sales were not high enough to warrant a sequel. Before their closure they confessed it wasn't a complete 'no', but rather an unlikely probability.

Known InformationEdit

The game was scrapped before actual production began, but was given the temporary title of Fur Fighters 2: Dark Thingy.

The game was originally going to be a prequel of sorts, featuring aliens and the war the Fur Fighters were in.

Future PossibilitiesEdit

When Bizarre Creations closed down and Mark Craig created Fur Fighters: Viggo on Glass, he was asked in an interview about Fur Fighters 2. 'We'd love to' was his response, though after he continued with 'We'll have to see how well it does financially as a completely new Fur Fighters adventure game would be quite expensive to develop and certainly not something we could do in our spare time.'[1]

A fanmade version of the game has been in production since early 2012.[2]


  • There is some concept art of the war, where robotic bears can be seen. It is possible that the idea for Fur Fighters II stemmed from this artwork, or that it was already part of the game's storyline.


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