Several debug builds of the PC version exist, all the known ones predate the released version of the game, which was built on the 23rd of October 2000. The debug builds that are known to exist are listed here:

  • pcfurballs.exe 27/07/2000
  • pcfurballs_db.exe 13/09/2000
  • furfighters_db.exe 26/09/2000

​Several non-debug versions exist too:

  • pcfurballs._xe 05/09/2000
  • pcfurballs.exe 11/09/2000
  • furfighters.exe 25/09/2000

pcfurballs.exe (debug version) does not have the DRM in place yet. It requires the level folder and the config files to be in the install directory, since it runs without a disc. Every other build has DRM and won't run without the disc.

Running a debug build will open up a network debug window, which seems to have been used for debugging the multiplayer modes of the PC version.


The network debug window and the insert disc prompt.

The debug build most compatible with the final version's files is furfighters_db.exe, dated as being built on the 26th of September 2000, almost one month before the build date of the released version. This build enables several debug features by default such as the level select, debug menu, and free camera mode.


Fur Fighters PC Debug Build 26 09 2000

Fur Fighters PC Debug Build 26 09 2000

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