Furry Forest is a level exclusive to Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge. It is located in Beaver Power. It has various boats (many broken) and a couple of explosives scattered throughout the area. It is also where the Happy Village is located, home of the Happy Tree. Since he was removed from the front of the level, Sergeant Sternhauser can be found in the level with a Dancing Mini Game.


Furry Forest consists of a long path that was created by the dried up riverbed, featuring a number of areas containing many immobile boats and small ships. The immediate area consists of numerous lights which can be turned on to attract Dragonflies, as well as an initially immovable boulder. 

Further down the path is an area containing several trees, as well as the entrance to the Happy Village. There also lies a raised area with overturned boats and a broken bridge. There is also a path that leads to a lone boat that can be interacted with, with the right item.

Further on the original path lies an area where a shrine is located, with only those who are anointed my enter. This path also branches off to other areas, which include another lone boat resting in a pool of water and a large area where a working crane boat can be used to reach Sergeant Sternhauser. Finally, reaching the end of the river bed reveals the level exit. This area also contains a collapsible platform covered in cat scratches, that provide a shortcut to the earlier parts of Furry Forest.








  • This level was planned to be in the original game. A text file in the PC Version has an early script for the dialogue in the level.
  • The entrance to this level is where Sergeant Sternhauser usually stands with a Dancing Mini Game. The Mini Game was moved into the actual level instead.
  • Furry Forest can be seen in early prototype images of the Dreamcast game, preceding almost every other level in the game.
  • When revisiting the area with Jenny, a Brown Bear will spawn in the air. Should he notice you, he will fall.


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