Globe Droid
Biographical Information
Species Robot
Gender N/A
Home Secret Island
Affiliation General Viggo

Globe Droid is a Chameleon Bot located in Secret Island in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge.

Initially, it will appear as nothing more than a decorative globe. It will reveal itself to you as you progress to Roofus' area. Before you can burrow into the next area, the Globe Droid will attack you. As with all other Chameleon Bots, its weakness is its eye. It has approximately 40 Health Points to dispose of before you can continue.


As you will be in a slightly more confined area, the best way to take care of the Globe Droid is to fire at its eye, and then proceed to run around it until the eye is in clear sight once again. Or you can hide behind the palm trees to take cover and come out when its eye is exposed. Continue to do this until it has been destroyed.

Once defeated, you can progress to the next area, where the Unfluffables await.

Trivia Edit

  • You do not have to play as Roofus to fight this boss.


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