God of Crushers (God Machine No.1) is the first God Machine you will encounter in God Machine Valley. You will need to obtain a Union Pass before the Beaver will allow you to use it.


The God of Crushers is in a large opening found almost immediately from your starting point. It will continuously rotate, and anything in the way of the metallic structure will be immediately fluffed.
Later, once you have obtained the Union Pass, the Beaver guarding it will begrudgingly allow you to use it. After tapping the button, the machine will slow down to a halt. In this state, you can now climb up the metal digger, move across the conveyor belt (whilst avoiding being squashed) and rescued Barrie on the other side. Then, using the chute you can safely slide down to the small truck below.


  • A miniature version can be seen in Beaver Power, just past the entrance to God Machine Valley.


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