God of Drilling

The God of Drilling is a large machine located in God Machine Valley. As the name implies, the machine's primary function is drilling.


The God of Drilling resides within a small canyon, continuously drilling into a hole. The area around the machine is small, consisting of a raised area where the machine is positioned. Near the machine is a Beaver Power container that contains a number of bears. Also near this area is a control panel consisting of a single button, that when pressed shifts the drilling target of the God of Drilling. When the new hole is drilled through, the machine will revert back to its original target area and continue drilling. This new hole contains a Chang Telepoint, as well as a crevice that only Chang can enter. This crevice leads to a new world.

The God of Drilling itself is large, though it is one of the smaller of the God Machines found in God Machine Valley. It is primarily red in color and has two large tank treads. It possesses three digging apparatus, consisting of a large orange rotating drill and two smaller digging components. Though the smaller digging components are dangerous to touch, the drill itself does not hurt the player. In fact, traversing the rotating drill is necessary to get to the baby that also resides on the God of Drilling.


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