Gold Tokens are an obtainable item in the Fur Fighters world. There are 100 Tokens scattered in every regular level and 10 in each Hubworld (except for Fur Fighter Village, where 50 are obtainable). Gold Tokens are required to gain access to new levels, see Required Entry Tokens.

There is a total of 2010 Gold Tokens to collect in the game. In Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge, due to the addition of the level Furry Forest in Beaver Power, the total number of Gold Tokens is increased to 2110. There are no Gold Tokens to collect in any of the Boss Levels.

For every Gold Token you pick up, 2 Health Points are restored. Once a Gold Token has been obtained, re-entering the world will cause it to change into a Silver Token. Whilst they still restore HP, Silver Tokens do not count towards your overall token total.

Whilst training in the Undermill, General Bristol explains that Gold Tokens are needed to power the Telepoints, as the green teleportation slime crystallizes into the Gold Tokens. Similarly, the more you gather, the quicker resting Fur Fighters recover lost HP.


  • The Dreamcast and iOS versions both incorrectly list the total number of Gold Tokens on the Game Info screen as 2000 instead of 2010.
    • If you collect all of the Gold Tokens on these versions, it will list the total as 2010/2000.
    • This was corrected on the PS2 release, where the total screen will say 2110/2110.
  • There is no counter for any Hubworld Tokens on the Game Info screen.
  • In the Dreamcast version, there is a bug with the Gold Tokens that will make you unable to complete the game 100% if it occurs. If you happen to get fluffed the moment you pick up a Gold Token, the Gold Token will permanently become a Silver Token, and it will not count towards your overall total.
  • In some copies of the Dreamcast version, there are two Gold Tokens missing in Space Station Meer.
  • In earlier versions of the game, there were more variations of the tokens, including Gold Nuggets.

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