Enemy Info
Energy N/A
Damage from Weapon N/A
Close Attack Damage 1 per milisecond
Speed N/A

Grondas (also known as Snapdragons) are giant fly traps first found in Dinotopolis that will attack the Fur Fighter if s/he gets too close. They are quite unique enemies in many ways.

For one, Grondas are the only enemies that can't move at all. Their only form of attack is their Close Attack, which they do from their grounded position. Secondly, the damage they inflict is based upon how long the player touches the Gronda, as their health will rapidly deplete upon touching them.

It is possible to defeat them using explosive weaponry that use grenades or rockets. Any other form of weapons or attacks will be futile and cause the Gronda no damage. However, they can only be attacked whilst their mouth is open. In Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge this becomes a bit more difficult as the power of grenades has been lowered.

Finally, Grondas aren't necessarily on anyone's side - They'll gladly attack any stray Bears, Crocodiles or Foxes that happen to get too close to them. Just one shot from an opposition can waiver their attention away from the Fur Fighters.



  • In Dinos Upstairs, you can make two of the Grondas inside the glass case with William inside fight each other. You must jump near them outside the glass case and turn away and run off quickly as soon as both of them start lashing out at you (it does not have to be at precisely the same time). If done correctly, they will rarely fight each other and leave you alone if you get close. Eventually, though, they will stop after a long period of time.
  • Along with Shrimps, Grondas are the only enemy never to change appearance.
  • Grondas can never be defeated with anything other than grenades or rockets.
  • In most versions (the exception being PS2) in the Jungle of Despair, if you drive the elephant vehicle through the Gronda, the Gronda will freeze and will not react with anything until you get far enough away from it.
  • At no point does the game or the Fur Fighters Strategy Guide actually inform you on how to defeat the Grondas. For a long time it was widely speculated that they were invincible.