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–Gwynth, Fur Fighter Village

Gwynth the dragon was the mightiest of the Fur Fighters.


Gwynth defeated General Viggo with the Fur Fighters many years before, choosing afterwards to settle down with her expansive brood in Fur Fighter Village.

When Viggo took his revenge, she was kidnapped and mind controlled, and she soon set about burning Quackerfeller Plaza. Her youngest son Tweek was forced to fight her monstrous mechanical form in New Quack City.

Tweek defeated his mother and she was restored to normal, where she rested atop a pile of gold. She later helped save Roofus from Viggo during the battle on the Secret Island.


  • Gwynth's name is often misspelt as Gwyneth due to how it is pronounced. This misspelling is also present on an Achievement in Viggo on Glass.
  • Gwynth is the only actual Fur Fighter to be kidnapped and mutated by General Viggo.
  • Gwynth and Tweek are both red, but all her other children are blue. It is unknown where or what happened to her spouse.
  • Along with Mai, she is one of the only characters with only a single word of dialogue.
  • Her family portrait shows 15 babies, excluding Tweek. But in the game, there are only 14 baby dragons to rescue, meaning one is possibly still missing.
  • Gwynth is the only Fur Fighter whose spouse is unknown.


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