Vital Statistics
Species Kangaroo
Gender Male
Location Compound Factions
Jason is one of Bungalow's sons, found in Compound Factions

How to RescueEdit

He is locked in a cage at the back of the Explosives Warehouse. Use Bungalow to find smaller crates and use them to leap over the larger crates within the warehouse. Shooting the lock will unlock the cage door and allow Bungalow to rescue him.


  • In Viggo's Revenge, if you rescue Jason at the same time when you shoot back into the warehouse, you will be fluffed, and Jason will not be present anymore, but the game will not count him as rescued, making you unable to complete this level 100%.
  • You can't jump on Jason's cage in the final. But in the demo, it is possible to do so and then exit the level boundaries.
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