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Juliette's Nightmare is an area located in The Bad Place. When entering Juliette's Nightmare you will spawn in a Dining Room with a total of five Foxes each wearing a mask of one of the Fur Fighters . The Foxes will immediately attack Juliette and constantly laugh at her throughout the battle. Once the Foxes have been killed, a door will appear leading back to the hotel.


Though the goal in this scenario is straightforward, one must still take caution when taking on the five foxes. Their erratic and quick movements, coupled with their rapid firing, can cause a large amount of damage within a short time. The key is to keep moving whilst also using the dinner table and chairs as a means for cover. Using the numerous pillars within the room may also help you survive. Due to the confined nature of the room and the Foxes' tendency to continually strafe and shoot at the same time, it is very possible to get them to shoot each other so that they turn upon themselves, making the fight a little easier.


The Meaning of Juliette's Nightmare is her fellow friends talking behind her back.


  • If you step into the fire in the fireplace, you will not take damage.