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I'm alwayz up to scratch, Monsieur le Walrus, or had you not noticed?

–Juliette, Fur Fighters

Born in Paris, France, Juliette is the only Fur Fighter who can climb up and down walls; she is also the only female in the group. She is 5 years old, and married to Claude. Juliette's ability is to climb up objects via Cat Scratches imprinted on them. Her flea level can be found in VAB Building.


Beautiful and athletic, Juliette is a supreme warrior. She can be temperamental, stubborn and selfish with an annoying tendency not to listen to others. When frustrated, she becomes tempted to go it alone but, with persuasion, she'll stick with the team.

Along with the other Fur Fighters, she successfully dispatched General Viggo to prison. Years later, she retired to Fur Fighter Village, settling down with her husband Claude and their children.  When General Viggo kidnapped them, she begrudgingly joined the team.

In Cape Canardo, she met up with her husband in space. When he would not talk back, she defeated him in battle, solely to get a response from him. She continued on her journey to save her remaining children and finish off her work.

When the team arrived at The Bad Place, Juliette was subjected to her own nightmare, trapped in a dinner party with her best friends forever. As they laughed at her, she was quick to defeat them and continue.

After a quick rest after the spouses had all been rescued, Juliette continued onward. In the Secret Island, Juliette had the difficult challenge of defeating 100 Bears. Later still, she helped rescue Roofus at the end of the final battle.

Physical Description[]

Juliette's fur is mainly a yellow color, with red being a secondary colour. Basically, Juliette has red stripes on the back of her head and on her arms and legs. She wears a blue shirt and a white skirt. Being a cat she has retractable claws to help her climb on Cat Scratches.


  • In Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge her voice changes to a British accent on the final cutscene.
  • In prototype versions of the game, Juliette's eyes are a noticeable blue color.
  • Juliette's age varies depending on the source. Some claim her to be 4 years old, others 5 years old.
  • There are images of her and General Viggo together in his gallery, suggesting that he may be attracted to her.


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