The Jungle of Despair is the first level chronologically in Anatat Tatanatat. It is located behind a large rock that inexplicably disappears when approached. Bungalow's Flea Mini Game can be found on top of a dead elephant's feet in the Elephant Graveyard.


The level takes place in a jungle near a coastline, that contains areas with ancient ruins. Early on, the level features a large hydrogen bomb that initially can not be interacted with until later. This area also contains a small island filled with palm trees that is the temporary home of the Robinson Bear, as well as one of Roofus' sons.

Further on is a cave that leads to either a large whirlpool that must be traversed by Rico or the village depending on which direction is chosen. The village contains a few huts as well as a large cauldron, manned by a Witch Doctor Beetle. Areas that lead out from the village include a massive tree house, a bridge above a large pit, and a dead end with an elephant vehicle. The area across the bridge leads to the level exit.

If one were to take the path opposite that initially leads to the village, one would find themselves headed towards either the Elephant Graveyard or a mysterious structure of ruins that rests on a small island. In the PS2 version, the Elephant Graveyard contains a set of fleas that only Bungalow can reach.








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