• Rarely in the Dreamcast version, a Brown Bear can spawn in the cover that leads to the underground subway. He is shown to be floating while overlapping the cover. Shooting with an explosive or Neutron Gun will not work on him if you try to hit him, so you have to use Bullets to reach him if you aim at his feet.
  • In the PS2 version a large portion of the level has collision detection outside the normal level boundaries. There are two moving taxis here as well as a stray brown bear which cannot be seen during normal gameplay. It is possible to reach this area using a glitch.[1]
  • Sometimes when leaving the subway where Carlos is by heading out of the hall towards the alley near the hole that leads into it, and you jump and touch the ceiling, you will appear to take damage from an electrical shock from an unknown source, but the damage received is 0.
  • In the PS2 version, if you do not pick up the Gold Tokens in Tam's room after rescuing him, then leaving the level and coming back, you will not be able to get them, as it is impossible to reopen the door.


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