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Biographical Information
Species Mouse
Gender Female/Male
Home Dinotopolis
Affiliation N/A
Portrayer Lani Minella
Please help, brave sun-loving mammal. Rats have invaded our home. It's so unsanitary having small furry creatures living under the floorboards.

–Mouse, The Rumpus Room

The Mice are creatures that can be found in The Rumpus Room, inside a small crack on the wall near the stairs leading down to the basement. They request that Chang rid them of the 15 Rats invading their home and give him Tin in return.

After he has done so, they will thank him for his assistance, and allow him to rescue his son.


  • There is a glitch with the Mice on Viggo's Revenge. Sometimes, their model will randomly become smaller for a split second.
  • When Shot or attacked they will say "No hurt I, no hurt I!"
  • In the original game, part of their mumbling is 'Ooh a lump of cheese!'.